The authors of The Dangerous Book

This epic poem, which took Jay Ramsay four years to complete,was a collaboration between him and Martin Palmer. The two friends have worked on translation projects for more than twenty years - their first joint book being the Chinese Daoist classic Tao Te Ching published in 1993. It has since become a classic work of its genre.

Jay Ramsay


Jay Ramsay speaking at one of his many poetry recitals. Jay is author of more than 40 books of poetry, non-fiction, and translation. He is in private practice as a psychotherapist, dividing his time between Devon, Stroud and London..

Martin Palmer


Martin Palmer, as well as being an expert on understanding the Bible, is a tireless worker on behalf of the environment, a cause for which he travels constantly to bring people together in protecting nature. Martin is the author of over 30 books and is a theologian, author, broadcaster, environmentalist, historian of world religions and translator of classical Chinese. He lives near Bath.