Soho Square

Lives around a London garden square

Pia J Auman

Soho Square


Ten evocative short stories set in the heart of London’s Soho district ­in the years since 1940.


These artfully crafted tales brim with acute observations of humanity and historical detail. They bring to life characters whose dramas are played out in the edgy atmosphere around Soho Square. Pia Auman moves her readers through the range of human emotions, leaving them dreaming of the lost world of late twentieth-century Soho.

Key selling points

• Readable, well-observed, full of historical detail, poignant

• Good summer reading

Market for this book

Fictional short stories

About the author

Pia J Auman was born in London and first lived in Soho when she was 15. Having recorded several albums for New World Music and toured with bands and singing solo, she is settled in the USA. She spends her time writing and taking care of her family.

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Price £13.95
Subject Adult fiction
Binding Hardcover
Size 188 x 135 mm
Extent 208 pages